Mathematical Practices

This page is a resource bank to keep focused on the mathematical practices. Beginning with rich math tasks, my hope is to ground classes in tasks that engage students with mathematics. I also begin classes with a variety of openers to immediately capture the attention of students and have them “dive” into math.

First – read Fawn Nguyen’s posts on problem solving. Read it again and return to periodically!

Search Engines & Maps

The search for mathematics tasks that provide a low-entry and a high exit…


Working on the Practices

Class Opening Cycle based upon the day. My school is currently on a six-day cycle and I see my students for math every other day. My current opening practice depends on the day of the week and generally follows the schedule below. As such, over a two-week period, students typically get one of each opener. (Note: the Day E is part of the rotation. On this day, I will provide students with a problem to do over the week. Each “Day E” a problem is due and a problem is started.)

    1. Monday- Graphing Story / Graph of the week
    2. Tuesday- visual patterns 
    3. Wednesday- Estimation 180
    4. Thursday- mental math / math talk / dot problems 
      1. Lots of dot patterns here
    5. Friday- reflection in relation to math practices
    6. Day E – Problem of the Cycle


Resources for many of the 8 Mathematical Practices

Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 

    1. Math Forum Problem of the Week
    2. MathCounts
    3. Five Triangles
    4. Median: Don Steward
    5. Open Middle
    6. Centre for Ed. In Math & Computing: Problems of the Week
    7. Inside Mathematics Problem of the Month
    8. NRICH – University of Cambridge

Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

    1. Estimation 180 – provides lots of situations that allow students to estimate
    2. 101 Questions

Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

    1. Would you Rather?
    2. Math Arguments 180
    3. Which one doesn’t belong?
    4. Math Talks
    5. Math Mistakes
    6. Counting Dots by A. Stadel

Model with mathematics.

    1. Visual Patterns
    2. Graphing Stories
    3. SolveMe Mobiles
    4. ThingLink
    5. TuvuLabs – datasets

Use appropriate tools strategically.

    1. Desmos Graphing Calculator
    2. Desmos Activity Builder
      1. Bank of Activities
      3. Teacher created activities:
    3. Geogebra
    4. Math Forum – Math Tool Library
    5. Mathematical Simulations with PhET
    6. Vernier Logger Pro

Attend to precision.

~Still searching. Links / suggestions appreciated.

Look for and make use of structure.

~Still searching. Links / suggestions appreciated.

Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

  1. Math Hombre – Lots of Games

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