About Me

Is it the sum of the parts that makes the whole? I enjoy working with people because these parts can be so varied. As a middle school teacher, I feel privileged to experience the growth that my students make during a school year.

I believe that students learn best when actively learning through observations, inquiry, problem solving, and discussing ideas. I try to answer questions with questions that allow students to make meaning of concepts for themselves. In my classes, students find themselves placed in a variety of groups to expose them to different working scenarios and to create a physical space that encourages discussion and investigation.

Students need to be in charge of their educational path. My goal is for students to know at all times how their current level of understanding matches course standards. I strive to give feedback quickly and students track progress while being given multiple attempts to show understanding of a standard. I believe that standards-based grading systems are important in helping a student gain ownership over his or her learning.

Professional Information


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