Exploring the tidal zone

Life in the tidal area is a rough one. Imagine the day in and day out disruption to your daily life. All is going smoothly and boom! the wave rushes in and suddenly you are buried under feet of water. We tend to call this a natural disaster. Or…the water that you rely on for life is swept out and you have to hold on to the little that you have until the water comes back. Another disaster. But, the animals of the tidal zone have adapted to this daily disruption of their lives. Early in the morning, I was out for a run and the tide was just starting to go out. This allowed me to make it along the shoreline and I returned later with the kiddos to explore. It seemed as if the tide was fully out a little after noon and we took opportunity to explore this ecosystem.

Some of the locals called this sea star a ‘Shakira Star’ They said they named it this because the star seems to dance.
Crabs everywhere!

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