Growth: 2018-19

This year, I am in a pilot program for Professional Growth that focuses on Tripod’s 7Cs. My “C” for this year is below as it falls into my larger goal of “Survive”. It’s a new position – make the absolute best of it in the first year!

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.22.03 PM



Teaching in ways that make the curriculum engaging, accessible, and coherent


Spark and maintain student interest in learning

  • Design stimulating lessons
  • Facilitate active participation

3 thoughts on “Growth: 2018-19

  1. Hi Frank – I know a new job can be daunting. It’s like a first year of teaching in some ways. I think you are a great asset to Futures Academy. You should have no problems with captivating the kids. After seeing the great work they did with you during Ignite Week and the Makey Makeys, you are off to a great start! I’d love to hear your reflection of your first Ignite Week and what was great and what you’d do different next time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals for the year Frank. I think Captivate, especially how it relates to student engagement is critical to the learning process, and seeing how you always look for ways to incorporate this strategy, i know your students will benefit greatly from your efforts on this goal.

    I look forward to your reflection on the student student surveys as well.

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