New year, new role, new excitement

And we’re off! My yearlong “ground hog day” is starting as another batch of new 7th graders begin forming a community of learners and (hopefully) growing in awesome and amazing new ways. This year is a shift for me as I move into ISB’s Futures Academy, which is focused on integrated, project-based learning. So far, the work is beginning to activate memories of the excitement and great learning that I began my career with at the Sunnyside Environmental School.

The big shift for me though is that I’m not a self-contained teacher this time. I am actively working with several others to plan and teach. In mathematics, myself and another will work with 48 teachers. How? We’re not sure though flexibility is the key. Sometimes we will have all 48 for the two of us. Other times we will split them up. The possibilities seem endless. Then, I will drive the science curriculum as it is integrated with Humanities. This is another split that provides all sorts of possibilities. Those same 48 students will work with us on projects that will hopefully span all content areas and bring in specialists from art, music, drama and design tech at various times.

So, I’m excited about turn around. I also have a few concerns mostly to do with space. Up to this point, I’ve always been in my room, teaching my lesson on my schedule. Now, that is all thrown on its head. The “room” is one that can change daily and the spaces are shared with an 8th grade group. It is also unlikely that I will spend much time as the only adult in the room.  There are a few shifts to get used to but the bonus of being able to constantly bounce ideas off others and to build learning experiences with lots of positive energy makes me pretty excited for this school year!


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