Students review Math & Science

It’s that time of year again – as educators, we look back and wonder where the year went, get excited about the upcoming break and reflect on the past year. Listening to the voices of students is key. This year, I continued with using a gForm to obtain feedback but a few days before asking students for their thoughts, I came across this post from Julie at I Speak Math. I took two awesome ideas from the post:

  1. Keep, Change, Stop, Start
  2. Putting results in Word Clouds

The simplicity of keep, change, stop and start is great – all students have access to providing a response. The results in word clouds illustrates the big ideas as the most often expressed words pop out.

2015-16 Math

(shown as Start – Math is… – Stop – Keep – Change)

2015-16 Science

(shown as  Science is… – Change – Start -Stop – Keep)

I plan to share these with students prior to the end so they can see the results of their feedback. I’m sure that they will make the connections that there are some of the same items on each of the images. However, the difference is that for most of the items (for example Estimation180) there were many more for keeping than stopping. Our challenge in keeping class varied enough so that all students are able to be engaged and access the material.

Update: Word Clouds made @


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