One good thing – student thoughts


“…you cannot give up and that if a prototype fails, you don’t just throw it away and try again, you need to analyze it, figure out what you did wrong, how you can fix it, and THEN do it again!”

“it was a lot harder than I expected because a little measurement mistake could mean a lot of chance.”

“from this real-life experience I learned that things won’t always go my way when planning something with specific requirements, so there’d be a lot of trial and error and it won’t be that easy.”

“modelling is an important skill in not only math but also in our lives to double check.”

“I thought it would be much easier than it actually was to find the correct measurements and final volume.”

“I learned to not think so easily of something and take everything as a learning opportunity.”

“My brain was telling me to stop but my heart wouldn’t let me.”

Reading the thoughts of students is always a good thing.


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