Yikes! The year is over.

The posts were infrequent, or should I say nonexistent this year. Here I am excitedly looking at that period known simply as “Summer Time” and feel the need for a few words to sum up the past 180 days. Yep, I tried to get a 180 blog going but it petered out. Yep, I had every intention of writing about teaching and learning but it just didn’t happen. Where’s the culprit? Who knows. It was a transition year for sure. Many things happened over the course of this school year that I simply did not expect. The normal ups and downs took place though I found myself bogged down in a way that I have never experienced as a teacher. New systems to work with? Different teaching philosophies? Two wild toddlers at home that kept me hopping? There are likely plenty of reasons but I want to end the year more with a look forward. Next year, I’ll move to only teaching one science course. This will be a change for me as a full plate of different preps has always been served up for me. Now, I look towards multiple servings of the same dish. I look forward to getting students jazzed up about science. I hope to write next year about how the sleeves of my students are rolled back and that they are elbow deep in investigations, questioning, wondering about the world around them and pursuing their passions. And, I want to return to writing about it. That’s my hope and time will tell. Have a great summer!


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