Enter the Dragon

Students were a bit surprised to arrive at class and see their entrance transformed into the mouth of a dragon. Whoa! The dragon arches up over the doorway and onto the ceiling. The small squares in the photo are tokens that the students recently completed. These tokens were used to announce the return of dragons (yep, that what the end of 2012 really meant – dragons will again fly the sky)


and the selection of dragon riders.

A new unit integrating Geometry, Genetics and Informational Text writing has begun. I’m working on the math/science section and enjoying the start to the unit. At the moment, students are preparing for the arrival of parent dragons. Through research, they determined the habitat requirements of the dragons and are creating the lay-out of the dragon lair. This will be our access point to working with area and volume. At the same time, students have identified key traits of the dragons and just transposed phenotypes into genotypes. We will soon attempt to breed these magical creatures and hope for the arrival of baby dragons.


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