Managing Student-Initiated Assessments

I’m working to get a bit more efficient with managing student initiated assessments. Days and times are generally set though the number of students who walk through my door is an unknown. A few may come, or none. Some may have touched base with me and I am prepared with questions or students pop in and I scramble. My goal is to streamline the process and have students be more active in scheduling time.

Another goal, which I think is more important, is to gain a better understanding of student thought regarding their answers. In a recent reflection, I asked students what they will do to improve their understanding of an idea. A frequent response was to “study harder”. What does this mean? I’m not sure if the students even now but they’ve heard plenty of teachers and parents telling them to go study an idea.

Google Forms will be my tool to schedule new assessments and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze their past work and seek improvement. Here is the form – I wonder what else needs to be added.


5 thoughts on “Managing Student-Initiated Assessments

  1. I discovered your blog via the Day in the Life initiative. I have a similar googledoc form but have yet to use it with my sixth graders. It’s interesting; with standards based grading I haven’t had the need to do arrange many out of class assessments so the form is just sitting there. This is my first year with SBG and I’m combining it with goal setting. It appears to be a good combination. I like how your form forces the student to be reflective. Are you finding this to be true, or are they still struggling with articulating the specific concept they are having trouble with and how they plan to master it?

    • So far, I’m finding that students are having some difficulty with the reflective process since it is new for them. I hope that this becomes easier as the year progresses. I plan to write a follow-up post on this topic soon but in general I’m pretty happy with increased engagement from students.

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