Math Blogger Initiative

Just over a month ago, Sam Shah proposed a math blogging initiative for those of us out there on the sidelines of blogging. The initiation process involved at least one blog posting a week for four weeks. A series of prompts were sent out to help people get going and then a host of established bloggers (JulieFawnAnneMeganBowmanSamLisaJohnShelliTinaKateSue) linked new posts from their blogs. It’s been a good experience. Unfortunately, the time to write more appears to be lacking at the moment but I’ve managed to at least get one posted a week. So, a big thanks to Sam for setting this up and I’m trying to commit to maintaining a post a week throughout the school year.


1 thought on “Math Blogger Initiative

  1. Congrats on sticking with it! It shows that you’re committed to the initiative. You could easily have said you were too busy to write anything, but you took the time to post something anyway. Even if you don’t have anything grand to say, a post a week is a great way to just stop for a few moments to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the previous week. Best of luck to you!

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