Parent Night (SBG explained)

Open up the doors, here comes the parents! A week has passed for this school year and it is time to welcome parents into the classroom. Two years ago, as a new teacher at the school, my room was packed during each session. Come check out the new guy was the motto. Last year, I was old news. Few parents came to hear my plans for the year. Maybe the whirlwind 10 minute sessions keep some away.

This year, a new online grading system is being put into place and will hopefully draw larger numbers. I have 10 minutes for each class. What would I like to say? I would want to spend time with the parents learning about their child. What lights a fire of interest for their student? What do they love more than anything? What do they do when not faced with a school day schedule and responsibilities? I would like to talk about the amazing journey that their children and are slowly embarking upon. Oh, the list can go on and on of what I would like to talk with parents about.

Instead, the 10 minutes will flash by. Introductions are a blur and, here is the kicker, Krista (wife & 6th grade teaching partner) and I don’t grade like other teachers. This is year two in my standards-based grading experience. Last year slapped down a steep learning curve and I hope to fine tune this year. But, Wednesday night is Wednesday night and parents want to know how their students will be graded. At least with a SBG philosophy, I feel that there is a place for discussion that centers around student progress instead of percentages. Here is my general presentation:


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