Syllabus Revision

Tick tock. The beginning of the school year is just around the corner. Unlike the September start in the Pacific Northwest, we get going the first week of August. Reading John Burk’s Syllabus Challenge led me to a makeover of my own syllabus which had been a modification of previous years. Blah. Pages of text that students quickly fed to the lurking backpack monster (this thing has been starved for a couple of months so it quickly munches up the death sentence of summer).

My goal was one page of essentials. I’m still trying to sell a shift to Standards-Based Grading but my explanation met with a good dose of trimming. Too much explanation last year led to confusion. Assessment is a starting point for conversation and I want a grading system that quickly moves away from a score to where a student is on a learning continuum. Here is the current version…


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