Read Aloud

For the past two years,Read Alouds have been absent from my class. Yes, I previously taught reading and writing as well as math/science but I feel as if students are missing out by not engaging with literature in my classes. So, I’m going to take time for each class to read a bit during the week. My current book list:

6th grade (Math & Science): The Maze Runner

I’m finishing up this book but it has me hooked so far. One of the habits that I hope to instill in my 6th graders this year is that people can work on problems for extended periods of time. Too often I find students shutting down with difficult challenges. Are they programmed to wait for a teacher to provide the solution? In this maze, kids have been there for quite some time and need to figure it out themselves. Themes of community and sustainability also run through the book which will provide additional jumping off points for discussion.

7th grade Science: The Highest Tide

This book can be a bit racy at times but I love the way the main character finds beauty through truly knowing a place.  Observation will be a focus this year for my students and I hope that they will find inspiration in this novel. An added benefit will be that I can share a part of my world with my students.


8th grade Science: City of Embers

I’m hoping to work with themes of energy and sustainability with my 8th graders through this book.









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